Police Brief Review

Criminal Matters

If you have a client that has been charged with an accident related serious driving matter, then you should consider having the technical content of the police brief reviewed by an expert who is competent in both the technical and procedural areas of police crash investigation.

If you’ve read our article on Expert Evidence on Liability, you’ll no doubt have some appreciation of how police conduct investigations of serious accidents, as well as understanding some of the inherent problems they experience in training, operations, management, logistics and finance associated with crash investigation generally. Although this article was written some time ago, little has changed to date with respect to police crash investigation practice and procedures. It still remains a fragmented investigation process which is inherently inefficient.

Having investigated and re-investigated numerous prosecution investigations both for and against the Police Service and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, AIS are very experienced and conversant with both the procedural and evidentiary issues associated with technical accident investigation and reconstruction at the police investigation level.

  • Know what the police have investigated;
  • Know what they have not investigated properly, or at all;
  • Know what forensic material has not been included within the police brief, but is available.