SCAM Phone Calls Update

Since 2013 we have received numerous ongoing complaints from members of the Australian public over bogus (scam) telephone calls, where the caller purports they are from an accident investigation firm asking if anyone at that number has been involved in an accident in the last two years, or alternatively they have information that someone from that number has been involved in an accident.

Please be advised that this is a total Indian based SCAM and has nothing to do with AIS or indeed with any Australian business entity.   In fact, they have called our office on 4 occasions asking the same thing.

Male or female indian voice using VOIP.   Dead giveaway.

They may also say they are from the Insurance Accident Injury Help Line, which was the line they used with us on the last occasion, and also that they had received information from the NRMA that someone from our address (which they didn’t know) had been involved in an accident.

They will hang up on you if you ask them any demanding questions, such as their name, telephone number, business name and address.

Some additional information on the SCAM can be found here.

Hope this info helps.