Vehicle Infotainment System Forensics



Increasingly there are navigation and entertainment systems incorporated into vehicles, and their interaction with mobile devices is growing rapidly. As a part of their normal functioning, these infotainment systems record data on the utilisation of a vehicle including date, time and location from on-board GPS that can be utilised in a forensic capacity.
Data recorded can include recent destinations and navigation history, operation of various on-board systems, and data associated with paired telephones.

AIS were the first in Australia, and some of the first globally, to become trained and certified in the operation of vehicle systems forensics software iVe by Berla Corporation.
This data should not be confused with either crash data retrieval or vehicle examination and diagnostic services which we also offer. The systems are independent of each other, record very different information and require different hardware to access.

AIS were one of the first non-law enforcement organisations to obtain the iVe system and are proud to offer the service to both the private sector and law enforcement.