Vehicle Investigations

AIS Vehicle Examination Facility (2014)

AIS Vehicle Examination Facility (2014)

Vehicle Inspections are an important element of crash investigation. They involve the examination and assessment of such things as the vehicle’s mechanical condition, the tyres, impact damage profiles and vehicle diagnostics. Vehicle interiors can be inspected for evidence of seatbelt usage and injury mechanisms. An assessment of vehicle damage assists in determining vehicle behaviour during impact and likely occupant movement within the vehicle during the crash. In certain situations, vehicle lamp examinations can also be conducted to assess if they were ON or OFF at the time of the crash.

Staged Collisions. In suspected fraud matters involving staged collisions, the damage profiles of the respective vehicles are precisely surveyed by photogrammetry, which allows for detailed damage assessment and impact correlation between the vehicles concerned. Damage profiling and micro-examinations of contact damage striations also help determine if any of the vehicles were stationary at the time of impact.

Vehicles supported by Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) technology or fitted with UDS accident data recorders (black-box) can be debriefed by our qualified staff.

Key Benefits of Vehicle Inspections

  • Determines mechanical condition of vehicle
  • Secures any available crash data
  • Records damage profiles for crash analyses
  • Identifies injury mechanisms within vehicle
  • Allows for damage correlation in suspect collisions